ProfileLine Hansen profil billede

My name is Line, I am 24 years old and from Denmark. After graduating my AP degree Multimedia Design and Communication, I did not feel equipped for a job in the industry, so I started studying the profession bachelor degree Media Production and Management. The main motivation for applying was and still is to gain further knowledge of the trade and in particular project management.

Where it all started
From the beginning of my teenage years I have been interested in media, design and photography. As a young teenager I painted and loved to take photos with my first mobile phone even thought the quality was horrible. For many years I have taken a great pleasure in spending time on layout when handing in reports and assignments and this is still an important phase for me where I can release my creativity and perfectionism.
Privately I have made several creative invitations for family and myself. After learning how to code webpages I coded a html page as a birthday invitation. When I moved to Berlin in 2016 I made a invitation to my farewell party designed as a trip guide with great pleasure to the guests.

Professionally I have over the years learned my limitations and strengths and have realized I should not work full time as a graphic designer but use my structural and organized part of my skill set to support creative productions. After learning more about project management I have found out how much pleasure it gives me to support both the creative activities along with planning business strategy and marketing development.

I am convinced that structure is a must in order to make chaos and be creative and productive

My career goals
My dream is to work with project management in media or event productions. As I am still in a developing phase I have not specified it more yet, but I am on the journey of finding out.

What I do know is that I wish to create value for people when they use or are being exposed for a product, service or event.

One of the things that makes me passionate is to see how the value I create has an effect on the receiver and see how they interact with it.
I am very interested in behaviour design and psychology and to think how I can incorporate it into productions.

It gives me a thrill to create value for someone and to see the difference.

What can I give to you?
I am not an expert, but a generalist who can talk to a customer, an accountant and a graphic designer knowing what they are all talking about and make them cooperate and understand each other. I can contribute with this understanding of different fields and satisfaction of planning and structure as well as doing some of their tasks myself.


  • Cooking
  • Interior design
  • Behaviour design
  • Psychology
  • Sustainability
  • Music and concerts
  • Personal development

Soft skills

  • Reflecting
  • Patient
  • Hard-working
  • Good at working under pressure
  • Communication
  • Good at involving people
  • Good at following up
  • Balanced
  • Positive
  • Understanding

When going through my posts of courses I have been through you can find out more about all the different kind of fields I have an understanding of.