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Internship at Design Hotels™

As a last part of my studies before the bachelor thesis I did a compulsory internship at Design HotelsTM in Berlin. The aim of the internship was to gain skills within a specific field and to transfer theory into skills in a real working position. For five months I worked in the PR and Communications department with responsibility of e.g.:

Performance reporting 
Statistics on how the department performed in relation to it’s targets. This include launch campaigns, media coverage, PR missions and press releases.

Media Visits
Contact with and managing the communication between hotels and the journalist or influencer for media visits. 

Support of PR managers
Curate material and photos for journalists along with handling requests. 

Media Coverage
Managing and making sure media coverage was collected and archived in the database. 

Design Hotels™ Book 2018 influencer outreach
Organize and manage a collaboration with influencers about the Design Hotels™ Book 2018. 

Social media coverage guide
Producing a guide to influencers on how Design Hotels™ would like to receive the material produced in collaboration with them on e.g. media visits. 

Media coverage
Improving the working procedure for how to manage and archive media coverage. 


  • Media coverage
  • Launch Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Contact with journalists and influencers
  • Arranging and managing media stays
  • Administrative support

During the internship I developed on several levels. First of all I gained experience with working in a bigger company with different departments and how to work together towards mutual goals. I also got an understanding of public relations and the hospitality business. Second of all the intership was a personal development for me working in a German working culture with many international people. The internship was a big stepping stone for me to reflect on what I dream of working with in the future and what my goals are. 

Period: August 2018 – January 2019