Printed Media Production

The aim of this course was to give a professional overview of printing productions regarding colour systems, printing methods and types of papers and materials. The point of view and theory worked with had a manager’s point of view, so I am able to be responsible for the communication and relationship between the company, its’ printing house and clients. This also involves controlling and exporting PDFs as for an example checking ICC-profiles.

Furthermore, I analysed how specific brand colours were defined and how the look is different on a variety of materials.

In the exam project of this course my group and I analysed the Christmas campaign of Telenor. Through desk- and felt research we measured, analysed and described the different products from this campaign. In a final report we compared the measured colours and gave advice to how the colours could be improved for future projects specified in a design manual.


  • Colour systems
  • Colour management
  • Printing methods
  • Paper types
  • PDF preparation and exporting 

Throughout the course I gained a huge amount of knowledge relevant to my daily life in this business. Even a month after the course was over I still studied soda cans to see which printing methods was used for this specific product and compared it to other products from the same brand. I felt a growing passion for this field while working with it, since I am eager to know more about things that are right in front of me all the time.

Period: Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

Management and Organization

During the seven-weeks course I gained wide range knowledge of how management and organizations work in the media and communication business through relevant theory and practical work with representatives from the field.

The course came around structure, strategy, culture and power both in organizations and projects and suited me to identify and solve management and cooperation challenges.


  • Analysis of projects done by Nørgård Mikkelsen based on an interview with one of their project managers
  • Written report about the company culture at DR after a tour in the DR City
  • Analysis and discussion of DR’s strategy based on their official strategy
  • Written report about talent management at Nordisk Film based on an interview


  • Organization management
  • Organization structure
  • Project organizations
  • Project management
  • Organization culture
  • Strategy
  • Talent management 

This course gave me a fundamental understand of how organizations are structured and how they work. The ongoing contact to the media business gave me a practical perspective of the theory learned and prepared me to some of the challenges waiting for me in the future.

Period: Oct – Dec 2016

Final thesis at Multimedia Design and Communication

Logo for website

Purpose of the final thesis was to document my abilities to understand and analyse a practice-based problem related to my respective fields of study by means of relevant theory and methodology.

The result of the project was manifested in a re-design of a Gallery Heike Arndt’s website, a report documenting and arguing for the choices taken along with an oral examination.


  • Project management
  • Usability tests of old website
  • Design of new website
  • Adjusting and coding new WordPress website
  • Quality assurance

Since I worked in the company this project was about, I gains some valuable skills from the real world. As a student I was used to working with only one project at the time which I could focus exclusively on. When working in the company, I learned how to balance several projects without decreasing my focus on any tasks. Furthermore the process taught me how to combine the sum of skills I had achieved throughout the studies into one project.

Period: June 2016