Tag: Business Development

Mobile and Social Media 

During this course I got to understand the role of mobile and social media in the marketing mix. The course had focus on the role of a project manager in order to make us students capable of managing and supervise customers how to reach the most optimal result out of their objectives.

Furthermore, the course dealt with what consequences of mobile and social media has to tradition media.

The exam consisted of an individual and a group written report.

In the individual report I analysed Facebook focusing on how we use it, why we use it and who uses it.

In the group report we extended my analysis and development of the app Shop Vegan with e.g. a marketing plan and analysis of the customer journey.


  • The mobile landscape
  • Mobile marketing
  • Mobile user experiences
  • Social media with focus on mobile platforms
  • Content strategies for social media

A good learning from working with a personal project with a group was to hear their opinion about my project and thoughts. Furthermore, it was exciting to expand the project with the group.

The app is something I would like to go further with one day when I have finished my studies and find the opportunity for funding.

Period: Nov – Dec 2017