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Cross Media

This course introduced how to communicate consistently and with synergy across channels like e.g. web, mobile and social media. For a good customer experience this is key, so the customer is recognized across the different channels of a company.

The exam consisted of a group report and an individual oral exam defending the report. I took part in analyzing the current omnichannel maturity of the Copenhagen based surf shop, Pleasant. Based on the analysis we presented recommendations for how to reach a higher maturity in the six different disciplines of the The Omnichannel Hexagon developed by Rasmus Houlind.


  • Strategic communication
  • Cross media
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Organizing and Management Customer Recognition
  • Permission Gathering
  • Data Collection
  • Data Discovery
  • Communication and Service for customers
  • Performance Analysis

This course gave me a great understanding of the difference between the ideal theoretical scenarios versus the real world when it comes to what is ideal and what is realistic. The topic was a big interest for me, since I could relate it very well to personal customer experiences. After this course I have narrowed my career dreams into creating experiences for customers whether is includes digital or analog communication, user experiences or events.

Period: April – June 2018


In this course all study programmes of Danish School of Media and Journalism worked together in mixed teams on an innovation project. The aim was to work in teams with diversified competencies and try the challenges and advantages of this. Meanwhile the purpose was the enlighten us of each other’s skills and how to optimize them to think innovative and out of the box.

Our group was asked to come up with an innovative way to increase the percentage of inhabitants of Copenhagen who vote for the local election. Our solution to the problem was The Copenhagen Bag. The bag containing local samples should be delivered to all newcomers and through that create a relationship between the newcomers and the city. This idea was built on the insight that people who feel connected to and are active in their local environment vote, so they have an influence.

The project was in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen.


  • Innovation
  • Social innovation
  • Idea generation
  • Innovative communication
  • Pitching 

Idea generation has for me always been something you should not spend too much time on. After these weeks I realised that brainstorming takes time and you should not just go with the first idea that comes up in your mind but wait until the brilliant idea turns up.

From working in mixed teams, I got more secure in my profile as a manager and more aware of the all the skills the other professions master.

Period: Sep 2017