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Continuous Improvement

This course was focusing on how companies continuously can improve its activities and processes. LEAN Management was introduced as the main methodology in relation to other management systems like e.g. Environmental Management and Quality Management.

As a part of the exam we analyzed the influencer agency Gonzo Media from different perspectives in relation to optimizing processes. One of the analyses looked into the value stream and the supply chain. Another analysis investigated the types of waste production in the working flow and how to prevent it.


  • LEAN Management
  • Quality Management
  • Environment Management
  • 5S
  • SMED
  • TPM
  • 5 x Why
  • VSM
  • Kaizen
  • ISO standards

The course gave me an understanding of how to optimize a workflow from a professional perspective. The methods introduced helped me getting an overview of every part of a workflow and how to improve it. Furthermore it taught me how to identify and reduce waste in a production.

Period: March – April 2018