Tag: Media Law

Business and Media Law

The purpose of this course was to introduce us students to the Danish and European law regarding media production and management activities. The course was divided into three themes:

  • Subjects related to establishment and operation of businesses and media productions
  • Media law regarding freedom of expression along with the balance of opposite considerations concerning private life, personality, reputation etc.
  • Subjects related to marketing, advertisement and sponsorship

Throughout the course we made several small tasks and problems practicing and discussing the laws.

The course was examined with a multiple-choice test and a written report discussing two law-related problems.


  • Business establishment
  • Business law
  • Media law
  • Marketing law

The course gave me an understanding of the problematics I as student and employee can face during media productions such as where I am allowed to film or my rights of privacy. Furthermore, it gave me an understanding of different kinds of companies and what it takes to establish one.

Period: Oct – Dec 2017