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Printed Media Production

The aim of this course was to give a professional overview of printing productions regarding colour systems, printing methods and types of papers and materials. The point of view and theory worked with had a manager’s point of view, so I am able to be responsible for the communication and relationship between the company, its’ printing house and clients. This also involves controlling and exporting PDFs as for an example checking ICC-profiles.

Furthermore, I analysed how specific brand colours were defined and how the look is different on a variety of materials.

In the exam project of this course my group and I analysed the Christmas campaign of Telenor. Through desk- and felt research we measured, analysed and described the different products from this campaign. In a final report we compared the measured colours and gave advice to how the colours could be improved for future projects specified in a design manual.


  • Colour systems
  • Colour management
  • Printing methods
  • Paper types
  • PDF preparation and exporting 

Throughout the course I gained a huge amount of knowledge relevant to my daily life in this business. Even a month after the course was over I still studied soda cans to see which printing methods was used for this specific product and compared it to other products from the same brand. I felt a growing passion for this field while working with it, since I am eager to know more about things that are right in front of me all the time.

Period: Dec 2016 – Jan 2017