Tag: User Experience

Cross Media

This course introduced how to communicate consistently and with synergy across channels like e.g. web, mobile and social media. For a good customer experience this is key, so the customer is recognized across the different channels of a company.

The exam consisted of a group report and an individual oral exam defending the report. I took part in analyzing the current omnichannel maturity of the Copenhagen based surf shop, Pleasant. Based on the analysis we presented recommendations for how to reach a higher maturity in the six different disciplines of the The Omnichannel Hexagon developed by Rasmus Houlind.


  • Strategic communication
  • Cross media
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Organizing and Management Customer Recognition
  • Permission Gathering
  • Data Collection
  • Data Discovery
  • Communication and Service for customers
  • Performance Analysis

This course gave me a great understanding of the difference between the ideal theoretical scenarios versus the real world when it comes to what is ideal and what is realistic. The topic was a big interest for me, since I could relate it very well to personal customer experiences. After this course I have narrowed my career dreams into creating experiences for customers whether is includes digital or analog communication, user experiences or events.

Period: April – June 2018