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Final thesis at Multimedia Design and Communication

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Purpose of the final thesis was to document my abilities to understand and analyse a practice-based problem related to my respective fields of study by means of relevant theory and methodology.

The result of the project was manifested in a re-design of a Gallery Heike Arndt’s website, a report documenting and arguing for the choices taken along with an oral examination.


  • Project management
  • Usability tests of old website
  • Design of new website
  • Adjusting and coding new WordPress website
  • Quality assurance

Since I worked in the company this project was about, I gains some valuable skills from the real world. As a student I was used to working with only one project at the time which I could focus exclusively on. When working in the company, I learned how to balance several projects without decreasing my focus on any tasks. Furthermore the process taught me how to combine the sum of skills I had achieved throughout the studies into one project.

Period: June 2016